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"In Conversation" - 'DDLJ' special event
"In Conversation" - 'DDLJ' special event
"In Conversation" - 'DDLJ' special event
"In Conversation" - 'DDLJ' special event
"In Conversation" - 'DDLJ' special event, your ultimate source for Bollywood's best and most talented actors Kajol and Shahrukh Khan, best known for movies like DDLJ, KKHH and MNIK. Here, we provide you with the latest news, graphics, videos, pictures as well as extensive pages of facts and information about this unique couple! We strive to bring you the best up-to-date news on their careers. If you have any suggestions, questions or contributions, please e-mail us. Thanks for visiting!

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"When we meet, there’s warmth and no need to put on a mask. It’s the comfort level with a person you’ve known
for 20 years!"
{~Kajol on SRK}

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Dec 18, 2014
New Kajol Pics

Kajol went to Manish Malhotra‘s niece’s sangeet party. There are also two new pics from an unknown event Niranjan Iyengar posted on this Instagram account:

Dec 13, 2014
Celebrating ‘DDLJ’

Yesterday was an incredible day! We knew the 12th December 2014 would be special but now we can undoubtedly say that it was more than that. Kajol and Shahrukh were amazing on both events yesterday. It was simply magical to see them together again! I think I speak for everyone when I say that they proved another time that they are the BEST JODI Bollywood ever had and will ever have! If you haven’t seen the pictures yet, head over to our gallery asap and see how perfect they are. We also added the print version of Kajol‘s HT Cafe interview (incl. a ‘new’ old pic) as well as three more pics from the CNWK show:

Dec 13, 2014
Kajol Interviews

There are two great interviews with Kajol where she is talking about Shahrukh, DDLJ and loads more. A new photoshoot picture was published with the first one. Take a look:

Kajol: ‘DDLJ’ will never lose its relevance; the idea of not compromising on love makes it so popular even today

There is no denying the fact that romantic longing and eternal love stories have provided Bollywood with its most idealistic films. And one film which the fans continue to watch multiple times is Aditya Chopra’s directorial venture ‘Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayengey’. It may have been released 19 years ago, but its impact stills remains deep-seated and relevance unchanged. While the nation celebrates the completion of 1000 weeks of the Bollywood blockbuster, actress Kajol tells why ‘DDLJ’ has become the longest running film in Indian cinema and what made it sweep the viewers off their feet.

“The time has definitely changed; love has become instant these days. Now, it is all about why an SMS wasn’t sent with a smiley. People instantly fall in and out of love. But the core message of ‘Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge’ hasn’t changed. The film reiterates the thought that we should never compromise on love,” Kajol explains.

No matter how much perspectives alter, differ and fluctuate, the idea of waiting for the perfect person remains important. “We all know we will wait for the ‘right person’ to arrive. We will wait for the person who fits us the best. And that’s exactly what the film focused on. So yes, the message of the film remains the same and relevant even now. People still identify with what the film said.


Keep making us bigger and better: Kajol to fans as DDLJ completes 1,000-week run

As we enter her house, Kajol comes across as a regular woman — discussing household chores with her staff, even as she coaxes four-year-old son Yug to eat, and keeps an eye on 11-year-old daughter Nysa, who is watching cartoons. All this with a fractured foot.

She isn’t known to give too many interviews, but today, as Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge (DDLJ, 1995), completes a landmark 1,000 weeks (that’s how long it’s been playing at Maratha Mandir in Dadar), she’s eager to talk.

Our conversation revolves around the iconic film, her chemistry with co-star Shah Rukh Khan, and more.

* How has your equation with Shah Rukh changed over the years?
We’ve grown as actors and as people. Our friendship doesn’t depend on us calling each other every day and knowing what’s going on in each other’s lives. But, when we meet, there’s warmth and no need to put on a mask. It’s the comfort level with a person you’ve known for 20 years.


Dec 11, 2014
New ‘Huggies’ Ad

Dec 10, 2014
SRKajol in Conversation

A beautiful event to celebrate DDLJ‘s success is planned on Friday! Kajol and Shahrukh are going to have a conversation on 12th December 2014, at 5.00 pm. There will be a live streaming HERE (unfortunately not available in all countries).

Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge’ 1000 weeks celebrations: Shah Rukh Khan and Kajol to walk down the memory lane!

It’s been almost 20 years since Kajol – Shah Rukh Khan’s film, Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge released and it is yet a cherished film. The duo will soon come together to mark completion of 10,000 days of the film and will have an indepth conversation on the film.

Both Shah Rukh and Kajol are currently jotting down notes on what they will talk. They will be talking about how they came on board for the film, the small tit bits they can remember which took place during the shoot, the release of the film and the reactions they received on the release of the film.

It will be a huge scale event for which the YRF team will also be inviting the cast and crew of the film. Pamela Chopra and Rani Mukerji would be attending and hosting the event on behalf of YRF. The conversation will be followed by cocktails and dinner.


Dec 03, 2014
SRKajol on ‘CNWK’

Our dreams and wishes finally came true! As reported two weeks ago Kajol and Shahrukh taped an episode of Comedy Nights with Kapil yesterday! The pics are super sweet and it’s really amazing to see them together again… Looks like they had so much fun! We can’t wait to see the episode!

Dec 03, 2014
Kajol’s interview with Tara

Kajol‘s interview she did with Tara Sharma a while ago is now up:

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